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Tim Brunelle

Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur
ex-Land O'Lakes, ex-BBDO, ex-Volkswagen, ex-Carmichael Lynch
Tim Brunelle
Helping organizations leverage creativity to achieve audacious goals


Over the past 20 years I've helped global orgs reimagine systems, create new ways of operating and change behaviors that result in positive growth.

Change is scary. The status quo is compelling. So I'm guided first by candor—can we distill agreement, maybe even courage, for the change we seek? My second principle is curious collaboration—let's leverage our collective strengths to develop useful insights. My third guiding principle is the reliability of improvisation—through experience, wisdom and trial we can discover game changing outcomes.

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Land O'Lakes 100th Anniversary
Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Land O'Lakes 100th Anniversary

🥬   Food Security⚖️   Public Policy🍇   Sustainable Food Systems+14 more
In 1921, 300 independent dairy farmers formed a cooperative that later became Land O’Lakes, Inc., the Fortune 200 global agribusiness. To celebrate its centenary we turned to the brand’s DNA, and found a concept that still resonates today: the potential of collaboration.
Purina Animal Nutrition: Thinking Clearly
Consulting & Advising
Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina Animal Nutrition: Thinking Clearly

🐶   Animal Welfare♻️   Circular Economy🌾   Regenerative Agriculture+22 more
Every year, U.S. ranchers and retailers struggle to dispose of roughly 7.6 million empty plastic tubs produced by the feed industry. This isn’t a story about waste—it’s a story about opportunity. I helped lead a team to re-think and re-imagine a new circular economy.
Volkswagen: Drivers wanted
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Volkswagen: Drivers wanted

👨🏼‍🦼   Transportation and MobilityBrand ManagementContent Creation+34 more
Between 1997 and 2005 I was fortunate to contribute to one of the auto industry’s historic ad campaigns, “Drivers wanted” for Volkswagen of America. Adweek described my team’s work as “one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.” We sold over two million vehicles.

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Why so? — I believe societies thrive when they're generally in balance. Aside from access to nutrition, income inequality is typically the biggest factor driving imbalance, mistrust, and social upheaval. So I'm curious how those of us with privilege, access, ability and success can help generate greater understanding and action to reduce income inequality to benefit us all.

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