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Teaque Lenahan

Innovation, Brand, and Growth Strategy, Org Transformation
ex-frog, ex-Fjord/Accenture Song, ex-Prophet, ex-Zillow
Teaque Lenahan
As a player-coach, I help diverse organizations determine the true problems hindering their growth, and use human-centered design, smart strategy, and brand insight to unlock and launch their futures. My speciality is in simplifying complex data and insights into tangible action, designing/facilitating ground-breaking workshops, and driving collaboration among functions that are often siloed.


Fractional Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

An expert in the integration of consumer research, experience design, and brand / business /design strategy. And a leader in the innovative business transformation + org / culture design that must happen in order to make that all real.

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Designing the Future of Retail
Consulting & Advising

Designing the Future of Retail

Brand StrategyBusiness DesignDesign Sprints+2 more
T-Mobile had rapidly expanded its retail footprint but hadn't defined a brand and retail experience that would carry that presence into the future. While at Fjord, I led a team that integrated strategy, brand, interior design, incredible workshops, and business model innovation into a future plan.
Embracing AI and Developing a Culture of Innovation
Consulting & Advising

Embracing AI and Developing a Culture of Innovation

Behavioral InsightsBusiness TransformationCulture Transformation+2 more
Over several firms but most notably at Fjord, I led programs that brought A.I. to the advanced R&D group to explore its impact on product development, drove novel cross-functional collaboration, and accelerated time-to-market by improving upon Nike's innovation readiness, behaviors, and culture.

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Why so? — A lifelong car nut, I'm passionate about engaging, safe, equitable means of moving around on this planet. Even small changes in this field have disproportionate impact on our future environment...and it doesn't have to be at the expense of fun transportation, either. I love Panteras, Austin-Healeys, 1960s Ferraris...as well as AVs, EVs, car/bike share programs, and innovative business models that unshackle us from costly, inflexible models.

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Business is broken, including business education. The corporate world has leaned so hard, for so long, on the left side of the brain that we've lost the ability to empathize, inspire, and create. My career has been about working with diverse talent to challenge assumptions, build to think, iterate relentlessly, and create alignment and conviction around products, services, and brands that lead to launch.
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