Scott Nazarian

Design Direction / Cross-Functional Strategy / Idiographic Aspirant

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Scott Nazarian

Creative executive, director, facilitator, instructor, and provocateur, with a continuous focus on exploring emerging technologies and ways of working. Logic-tempered, borderline apopheniac seeking companion patternicities toward community, humanity, and the pursuit of beautiful craft.

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Workshop Design
Visual Communication Design
User Experience Design (UX)
System Thinking
Design Strategy
Strategy & Business Design
Service Design
Industry experience
Travel & Tourism
Scott Nazarian

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Areas I'm passionate about

As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

In economic desperation, the timeline of basic needs overrides all other factors. "Desertification" is only one part of the larger challenge. If the knowledge and understanding of healthy food options are absent, food scarcity only compounds the drive toward poor nutrition. We need to increase nutritional optionality despite economic circumstance. Localized educational, production and service frameworks for urban agriculture are critical steps.


Experience Ecosystems, Strategy & Craft

I help businesses realize a holistic products and services ecosystem perspective, from research-based identification of strategic requirements and generative concepts to cohesive audience experiences and interactions.

Capability Building
Creative Strategy
Design Research
Experience Ecosystem Multiplier
Heart-Centered Leadership
Scott Nazarian

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Scott in action

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Experience Tiles
frog design

Experience Tiles

🤗 Inclusion & Accessibility
🗣️Learning Ecosystems
Transformation Jumpstart
Relationship Building
+2 more
The hexagonal system allows participants to express ideas spatially. Tiles, customizable with writing or symbols, bridge varied vocabularies. This fosters a shared understanding, empowering teams to shape conversations, create mission statements, and cultivate a co-owned narrative.
Agronomic Tools, Nutrien Ag
Consulting & Advising
Nutrien Ag

Agronomic Tools, Nutrien Ag

🍇Sustainable Food Systems
Applications Development (Web, Mobile)
+4 more
Building design capability across all LOBs, we helped create an integrated approach to complex agricultural finance and growing operations, prioritizing user-friendly tools for crop consultants. We established a digital strategy, identified unified functionalities, and cut development time by 60%.
Design is a Social Affair
Expert Talks
Interaction Design Association

Design is a Social Affair

Capabilities Kickstarter
Community Design
+3 more
This talk ( https://vimeo.com/409525711 ) explores the social sensibilities of design within business organizations, reflecting on patterns of behavior around design integration and how organizational structures can foster socially collective approaches to design.
3D for Everyone

3D for Everyone

Behavioral Insights
Consumer Research
+3 more
Windows View 3D platform focused on capturing daily objects and spaces in 3D, transposing HoloLens 6-DoF innovation to the smartphone, and prioritizing speed and quality. Our team engaged in vision work, market research, and technology development to create a unique 3D content creation ecosystem.
Urban Verticulture Initiative
Urban Verticulture Initiative

Urban Verticulture Initiative

🥬Food Security
⚕️Public Health
+4 more
The UVI blends agronomic expertise, digital service design, logistics, and regenerative architecture for sustainability. Emphasizing a food security ethos, our focus is on community stewardship, education, and immersive growing experiences through vertical agriculture.

I believe in Neol

A member of the Neol Creative Leaders community

Neol presents both a platform of contrasts and a common ground for humane action. Chided (lovingly?) in my early career for willfully occupying that space "where the rubber met the sky", I have been the subtle knife of insight as well the design "other". Polarizing, perhaps, but one true thing has come into view: design is a social affair. Our competing ideologies as well as our collaborative advocacy are necessary - and I'm here for all of it.

Scott Nazarian
Scott Nazarian
Design Direction / Cross-Functional Strategy / Idiographic Aspirant