Sasha Wallinger

Founder, Blockchain Style Lab

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Sasha Wallinger

With a background in marketing and communications, I blend my passion for fashion with sustainability and innovation, creating impact through a collaborative future vision. I tirelessly explore creative possibilities, drawing inspiration from nature to curate cultural elements that shape designs, storytelling, and innovations across virtual and digital ecosystems.

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Blockchain/Web3 Strategist
Digital Marketing
Innovation Strategy
Brand Strategy
Culture Design
Arts & Culture
Strategy & Business Design
Sasha Wallinger

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 Role of Web3 in the future of commerce
Expert Talks

Role of Web3 in the future of commerce

đź‘’Sustainable Fashion
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Consumer & Market Research
Content Marketing
Emerging Platforms & Technologies
At the Technology for Change conference hosted by Economist Impact, which focused on sustainability, Neol's creative leader Sasha Wallinger designed and delivered sessions that emphasized the importance of considering social and environmental responsibility in designing the future. She also advocated for keeping creativity and artistry alive in this developing field. Insights from the conference highlighted the significance of incorporating Web3 in the fashion sector to evolve the future of commerce while promoting sustainable practices.

Walmart Land

🙋🏼‍♂️Digital Wellbeing
Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play aim to bring the best of Walmart’s products to life in a virtual world. Journey assisted Walmart in the creation of this groundbreaking Metaverse experience. We created game spaces for a virtual music festival and a plethora of experiences; realizing Walmart’s commitment to the changing needs of its customers, ultimately helping them to keep up with the latest developments in Web-3 immersive experiences.

SuperGucci NFT

đź‘’Sustainable Fashion
Touted as an “ultra-limited” series, Supergucci comprises a multi-pronged approach to be released in three parts. The first drop on 1 February includes ten different exclusive NFTs that pay homage to Gucci’s storied archive. Think signature patterns, icons, and motifs—all of which has been revamped to incorporate the vision of Superplastic’s synthetic celebrities and artists. In this case, they are Janky & Guggimon; virtual “humans” created by Superplastic that have already garnered a robust social media following. Said launch is also accompanied by ceramic sculptures handmade in Italy and co-designed by Gucci and Superplastic.

I believe in Neol

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I believe in Neol because it empowers creative minds to thrive in collaboration outside of silos, shaping the workplace of tomorrow by reflecting the future today.

Sasha Wallinger
Sasha Wallinger
Founder, Blockchain Style Lab