Sarah Housley

Design Futures Consultant


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Sarah Housley

Design futures researcher, writer and editor, focused on ethical innovation and sustainable futures. Experienced speaker and consultant. Former Head of Consumer Tech at WGSN, the world’s largest and most influential trend forecasting company.

Sarah’s expertise

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Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Creative Writing
Critical Thinking
Design Research
Strategy & Business Design
Sarah Housley

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We are in the middle of a transition from a degenerative to a regenerative society, and while this feels turbulent, overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, it's an incredibly exciting opportunity for innovation and creativity. I believe in seeing the challenges but also the possibilities, and if enough people can make that mindset shift to see what we could make, the 21st century could be absolutely transformative.


How To Be A Futures Thinker

An interactive introduction to the history, present and future of futures thinking, including a walk-through of key frameworks and some easy-to-use tools, with plenty of time for discussion and dialogue

Brand Innovation
Future Scenario Modeler
Sarah Housley

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Sarah in action

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Brand Futures Workshop
Consulting & Advising
Global Toy Company

Brand Futures Workshop

Brand Innovation
Creative Strategy
Future of Brand
Product Design
A one-day futures thinking workshop for a global toy company, including a mix of design, strategy and innovation teams, structured with trend and futures presentations followed by group workshopping and product ideation. Client feedback: "Thanks for a whole wild day. My head is bursting with ideas"