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Sarah Ajani Johnson

Venture-Builder, Incubation & Innovation Expert, Lead Design Strategist
ex-Intuit, ex-Capital One
IntuitCapital OneFidelity Information ServicesChicos / WHBM / Soma
Sarah Ajani Johnson
I use Design Thinking & Agile Product Best Practices to test ideas for new products & services, helping companies unlock business value at the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability.


Venture Builder | Lead Strategist | Using Design Thinking and Agile Product Best Practices to Discover and Test New Product Ideas

I lead your cross-functional venture-building team through a series of custom-designed innovation sprints, to discover & test new product ideas - unlocking business value, reducing risk early, and tackling your customers' biggest needs.

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Discovering and testing 2 crypto product ideas with 85% projected user adoption.
Capital One

Discovering and testing 2 crypto product ideas with 85% projected user adoption.

VenturesDesign ResearchStartup Strategy+6 more
THE CHALLENGE FIS, a major financial services platform company, was incubating new startups its corporate venture studio. I was tasked with leading innovation processes for a startup-pod focused in the crypto space. We aimed to help our target customers (confidential) to invest in cryptocurrency. Over 80% of our target users were currently uninvested in digital assets; we learned that many foresaw crypto as the future, but lacked the tools to in... + more
Chicos/WHBM/Soma's Loyalty Program Redesign

Chicos/WHBM/Soma's Loyalty Program Redesign

Behavioral InsightsDesign ResearchConsumer & Market Research+4 more
THE CHALLENGE The leadership team at the Chicos/WHBM/Soma brand family wanted to design a new rewards program based on customer insights. Their goal was to better engage their customer base, and differentiate themselves from competition. Alongside my co-strategist, I set out to deeply understand the unique shoppers at each of the 3 brands, and design a program that would: 1. Build loyalty within the customer base for each brand 2. Encourage c... + more
Capital One: Reimagining the Home Equity Web Experience
Chicos | White House Black Market | Soma

Capital One: Reimagining the Home Equity Web Experience

Product InnovationCollaborationDigital Design+6 more
THE CHALLENGE Capital One found through research that the process of buying a home / taking out equity is overwhelming for most people, and that laws and legalese were intimidating homebuyers and homeowners. They wanted to re-imagine a web experience that excited customers about these important life moments, and empowered them with tools and education to navigate the process. We hypothesized that this would also convert more website visitors in... + more
Intuit's Employee Referral Experience: increased the NPS score from -10 to +70.
Forbes Ignite

Intuit's Employee Referral Experience: increased the NPS score from -10 to +70.

Product InnovationBehavioral InsightsConsumer Research+2 more
CONTEXT Intuit’s HR team recognized that the employee referral process was extremely cumbersome. Recruiters gave it a net promoter score of -10. Although 30% of hires came from referrals, recruiters weren’t reviewing candidates quickly enough, and therefore weren’t meeting the business KPI of 5-days-to-respond to referrals. This was hurting business efficiency metrics and slowing down hiring times for the company. THE CHALLENGE I was tasked w... + more
Capital One: Building a Human-Centered Culture
Expert Talks
FIS (Corporate Ventures, Fintech)

Capital One: Building a Human-Centered Culture

Behavioral InsightsPeople-First ArchitectureCulture Transformation+6 more
THE CHALLENGE The leadership team at Capital One wanted to build a foundation that helped all employees throughout their home loans organization, to make customer-first decisions. A cross-functional team of 34 was chosen from within the org, to design and roll out a culture framework that would help us all operate in a human-centered way. I was selected to be on this team as an ambassador of the product org. THE RESULT I led the crafting of th... + more

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