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San Rahi

Leader in Global Brand Innovation & Experience Design
ex-Sid Lee, ex-Dentsu
San Rahi
I believe passionately in business as a force for good. With my interdisciplinary toolbox as a designer and strategist, I act as a catalyst for leaders to innovate human experiences, drive strategic transformation, and elevate their organizations.


Catalysing innovation leadership through design and strategic clarity.

I believe passionately in business as a force for good. I use design methodologies and whole-brand thinking to unlock market growth and innovation, craft distinct positioning and organizational North Stars, and create signature brand experiences.

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(  ) for Tomorrow

( ) for Tomorrow

πŸ•οΈ Β  Sustainable CitiesImpact Accelerator
( ) for Tomorrow is a unique open-innovation platform that shares stories of community-led sustainable innovation worldwide. It is a partnership of Hyundai Motors and United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Labs.

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Why so? β€” I believe access to clean, affordable energy is essential to the development of a human society that can thrive in harmony with its people and planet.


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