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Ruby Steel

Ruby Steel is a trailblazer in inclusive design. She was also a “fixer” on the BBC2 show Big Life Fix, the show that involves a team of inventors creating new and life-changing solutions for people in need. She most recently founded Studio Exception, a unique collective, unified by the shared belief that there is incredible value in what excluded people have to offer to the design process.

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Innovation Strategy
Design Research
Design Strategy
Strategy & Business Design
Service Design
Ruby Steel

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I have been obsessed with the power of inclusive design since I was 17 years old. A woman name Emma Cole came to my school and spoke of her experience living with HIV. Something about her bravery, wit and honesty inspired me to never make assumptions and make the effort to listen to people who's life differs from one's own. As I progressed in my a career as a designer, I discovered that inclusive design started with just that, I was hooked.


Design for one and create for all : The Exception Method

An 'Exception' is a state caused by bad design, a human excluded from accessing a product because of an unconsidered characteristic. They reveal the design’s failings and inspires designers to develop innovative solutions for all.

Product Innovation
User Experience Design
Ruby Steel

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When Sky met Luna
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When Sky met Luna

🤗 Inclusion & Accessibility
User Experience Design
In search of novel approaches to design research, Sky looked to The Exception Method to shine a spotlight on the excluded and take inspiration to bring it to the forefront of their design and product thinking.