Ralph Talmont

Communicator / Creative Producer / Maker of Books

ex-Collectico (NFT production platform),  

ex-Digital Metal Exchange (token-based commodities exchange),  

ex-Barkfire Media (high-end custom book productions),  

ex-Boma (global executive training and development) 

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Ralph Talmont

Multi-skilled producer, consultant and author with deep experience in print and electronic communications (writing, photography, editing, design, production.) Advisor and speaker on creativity and communications. Startup founder & mentor. Event producer, interviewer, programme director and host. Works with a theatre company. (Not on stage...) But, really, music is the centre of my existence.

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Coaching & Mentoring
Creative Writing
Creative Direction
Program Curation
Arts & Culture
Communication Design
Strategy & Business Design
Ralph Talmont

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

I'm a serial re-migrant. People who move bring value to the places in which they arrive. They should be free to move where they wish. More to the point, given the effects of climate change, they WILL move and we need to structure our societies to allow for this to happen naturally.


Sensemaking / Ideation / Multidimensional Creative Partner

Helping people & organisations visualise their quprochs and make sense of coming to grips with them. What's a quproch, I hear you ask... Well, it's a word I made up of QUestion, PROblem, CHallenge. A neutral word, without emotional baggage

Business Innovation
Category Crasher
Concept Development
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Ralph Talmont

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