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Human Connectivity Expert


ex-Imperial College London 

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Peter Mandeno

Human connections are critical for well-being, creativity, innovation, knowledge-flows and more, all of which contribute to the performance of organisations and other (eco)systems. Most leaders understand WHY connections matter but not always HOW to make them happen – effectively, consistently and authentically. That was the focus of my PhD – Design for Human Connectivity – and my current work.

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Behavioral Economics
Community Strategy
Design Research
System Thinking
Organizational Design
Service Design
Talent / HR
Learning & Organization Design
Industry experience
Communications & Marketing
Financial Services
Consumer Goods /Retail
Peter Mandeno

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Everything starts with education, making the difference between the haves and have nots. Education (good education at least) is empowerment.


Human Connectivity and the Future of Work

An engaging, insightful and practical exploration of how to address the challenge of maintaining human connection as work becomes more optimised, digitised and decentralised.

Future of Work
Culture Transformation
Peter Mandeno

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Human Connectivity & Winning Teams
Expert Talks

Human Connectivity & Winning Teams

Behavioral Insights
Experience Design
Culture Design
Keynote to senior leadership team (260 attendees) of one of SEB - a leading northern European financial services group. In addition to the keynote I supported the design of the gathering itself.

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Peter Mandeno
Peter Mandeno
Human Connectivity Expert