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Özlem Tuskan

Founder of The Resilient, Award-Winning Futures, Brand & Innovation Strategist & Leadership Coach
ex-The Future Laboratory, ex-BrandSeers, ex-CNN, ex-MTV
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Özlem Tuskan
I am an unorthodox thinker - future first, fast and focused on strategy that builds cultural movements. I do this by staying in wonder of what's possible and identifying the opportunity out of the problem. I am committed to purpose and vision that comes to life that enables communities and individuals to be resilient and thrive. I work side by side with founders and leadership to get there with deep understanding of human behavior and joined up innovative thinking.


I am an unorthodox thinker - future first, fast and focused on strategy that builds cultural movements.

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Why so? — My passion for brand comes from my passion to affect and accelerate real change in the world. I believe great brands have the ability to give voice to people, anticipate emerging needs and stand to serve them. These are the brands I call human. The exist to create healthier, wealthier or happier worlds. To protect this vision I have chosen to serve brands that think ahead of our current times, act agnostically, aim to disrupt and set positive cultural change in action while driving business growth for the brands I have served. I have spent most of career as freelance strategist, consultant or advisor so I can protect my objectivity and stand for integrity. I am a born entrepreneur and even when inside organizations I think and act like one, fast, focused and efficient. Always carefully and passionately connecting the dots between the agency commercial objectives, the client's mission, complex challenges being faced and opportunity for creative breakthrough in communications and marketing. I pride myself on my ability to inspire leaders to stand for an exciting vision of what's possible, while directing teams to engage, share and deliver high impact creative work.


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