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Neil Bellefeuille

Business Transformation Strategist
ex-FiveStone, ex-The Paradigm Project, ex-Bulldog Drummond.
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Neil Bellefeuille
I am a business transformation strategist that helps forward-thinking leaders get from what’s now to what’s next. Over the years, I’ve led companies, managed teams, launched start-ups, and helped a wide array of clients develop new products, enter new markets, design new business models, and create more value for more people by finding new paths to sustainable growth.


Business Transformation Consulting

We partner with visionary leaders and internal change agents transform products, brands, and business models from within, unlocking sustainable growth for the world’s most ambitious companies.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning
Consulting & Advising

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We partnered with Starbucks to look back and chart what made the brand successful from the start and to develop refreshed perspectives on tone, language, store design, products, community and voice that captured the unique essence that makes Starbucks special.
Growth Strategy
Consulting & Advising
Firestone Walker

Growth Strategy

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Firestone Walker came to us as a fledgling brand with its sights set on national expansion. Their challenge to us: (1) find and articulate the soul of their brand, and (2) develop a brand and business strategy that could grow their current and future product portfolio.
Business Model & Product Innovation
Consulting & Advising

Business Model & Product Innovation

Business Model BuilderProduct Innovation
The retail mall as we know it is a dying breed. Westfield approached us to help them develop an actionable and repeatable process for redesigning, redeveloping and positioning each shopping center in their portfolio to prepare for a future where physical retail will need to look very different.

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Why so? — I spent 10 years working in Africa and Central America working on clean energy projects designed to mitigate climate change and am passionate about solving for the outsized impacts of climate change on those living below the poverty line.


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