Miles Seiden

Creative Director and Founder


ex-ESI Design,  

ex-The Onion 

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Miles Seiden

A multi-hatted creative who traverses multiple realms of expressive storytelling — including design, strategy, naming, writing and art. An elastic thinker and explorer with a knack for navigating chaos and transforming it into clarity. Passionate about aligning consciousness, connection, community and causes through integrated communications systems, workflow processes and empowered teams.

Miles’s expertise

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Systems Design
Visual Communication Design
Written Communications
Communication Design
Arts & Culture
Strategy & Business Design
Brand Design
Industry experience
Arts & Culture
Communications & Marketing
Miles Seiden

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Areas I'm passionate about

As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

I'm all for leaning into uncomfortable experiences for growth. But oppressive heat, human-fueled extinction, ecological overdraws and wanton waste are intolerable forms of discomfort. Time to redesign our relationship with the world.


Streamlined, soup-to-nuts brand systems

Since everything is interconnected, I enjoy providing continuity as a liaison for people, capabilities and concepts. I'm comfortable across project phases — digging in when needed, stepping aside when not, and mentoring all the while.

Content Creation
Creative Strategy
Brand Design
System Design
Vision Enabler
Miles Seiden

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Miles in action

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Shaping the mechanics of wonder

Shaping the mechanics of wonder

Branding & Identity
Creative Strategy
Design Research
Experience Design
Design Systems
As Creative Director at IMP, I was tasked with boosting Leidos’ visibility in the B2G space and integrating acquisitions into a unified identity. Basing visuals on properties of light through a kaleidoscope, we developed a creative system and applied it throughout their collateral and facilities.

I believe in Neol

A member of the Neol Creative Leaders community

At a time where every failing institution must be redesigned, I'm honored to be in the company of leaders who are not only creative in their work but creative in service of global vitality. Each interaction with fellow Neolians renews my optimism and restores my hope for a turnaround. Together, I believe this caring, collaborative, inspiring, innovative and committed group will find solutions to the world's wicked problems.

Miles Seiden
Miles Seiden
Creative Director and Founder