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Mick McConnell

I entered college at the precipice of Deconstructivism, digital media and representation, and on the downward slide of modernism and brutalism. Trained in architecture with an emphasis on graphic design, my career has been a mixtape of design, strategy, and product development. I have held leadership roles at WPP, Arnell, Starbucks, R/GA, Chipotle, Samsung, and WeWork.

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Architectural Design
Brand Strategy
Concept Design
Innovation Strategy
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Architectural & Spatial Design
Communication Design
Arts & Culture
Industrial Product Design
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Industry experience
Arts & Culture
Building Materials
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Mick McConnell

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

As Head of Design Innovation at WeWork, much of the work we focused our energy on was how to incorporate a true process of reduce, reuse, and recycle methodology to every aspect of our work. Build Less™ became our mantra and we used data research to determine optimum programming, product design, space utilization, and operations to attain this. With estimates as high as 50% of the total landfill make-up being construction waste, circular economies and sustainable cities go hand in hand.


Design Concepts & Development

Adept creative concepting for brand, innovation, product, and experiential.

Brand Design
Branding & Identity
Community Design
Concept Development
Mick McConnell

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Mick in action

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Nike SB App

Nike SB App

Digital Design
Experience Design
Applications Development (Web, Mobile)
At R/GA, we developed the Nike SB app which included a complete family tree of skating titled “Trick Tree.” The app success lead to the development of the first Nike SB retail space in Los Angeles. All in we developed all assets, design, programming, launch, standards, visual merchandising, in-store
Samsung S8
Consulting & Advising

Samsung S8

Marketing Campaign
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With the launch of Samsung's iconic device, the Galaxy S8, the Design Team was charged with developing a brand building campaign that would renew faith in Samsung following the Note 7 debacle. Leveraging the brand messaging of 'Unbox Your Phone,' the brand was transformed by a series of
Coke Studio
Coca Cola

Coke Studio

🙋🏼‍♂️Digital Wellbeing
Brand Design
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Driving Coca-Cola towards a dominant global position on the music stage. In a groundbreaking fusion of visual art and sound, our collaboration with Coca-Cola's Coke Studio revolutionized how music and branding interact. This case study explores our innovative venture in transforming Coke Studio.