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Melissa Saoudy

Purpose-Driven Strategist, Social & Environmental Innovator
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Melissa Saoudy
I am an impact advisor, creator, and doer. My sweet spot is at the nexus of purpose, strategy, and innovation.


I'm obsessed with seeing design come to life. This is why I love to work closely with organizations to provide support, advice, and guidance

Starting with purpose... always razor focused on understanding what creates value and getting there. test, iterate, learn... repeat

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Purpose-driven Strategy and Innovation
Dubai Future Foundation

Purpose-driven Strategy and Innovation

🗣️   Learning EcosystemsCommunity-as-a-ServiceLearning Experiences+3 more
To fulfill the UAE leadership’s vision of creating a culture of innovation, the Ministry of Finance launched the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF) Accelerator to provide bespoke services to the highest potential innovators to thrive. Melissa worked alongside a diverse team of entrepreneurs, consultants and public sector officials through conceptual design, launch and operations.

Advising a disruptive climate-tech start-up Met Amazonia

🌱   Climate Change🤗   Inclusion & AccessibilityCapabilities Kickstarter+3 more
Melissa is involved in building a digital twin of the largest private reserve for sustainable development in the Amazon Rainforest. The start-up is introducing fractional ownership of the reserve through a digital twin, which is a first in Amazon history. They offer utilities for organizations and individuals and are introducing new models such as Impact-as-a-Service (IAAS). Metamazonia is a powerful concept that represents the Refi revolution an... + more
Mohammed Bi Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator

Defining a population-based national strategy for health and wellness

❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-being⚕️   Public Health⚖️   Public Policy+3 more
Worked closely with the ministry and the broader system from conceptualization to launch taking a population-based approach for a national five year health strategy. Conducted needs and interventions assessments, refined national priorities, led system engagement efforts to define the implementation plan, governance and communication. Wrote up the final strategy documents before handing over to copywriters
Ministry of Public Health Qatar

Dubai Urban Environment Climate Analysis

🌱   Climate ChangeSystem Design
Conducted an in-depth analysis of the Dubai Urban environment using human centered human-centred design and systems thinking to diagnose systemic barriers to sustainability and identify high impact high-impact opportunities
Early Childhood Authority

Human-centered Emirate Volunteering Framework

🤗   Inclusion & Accessibility⚖️   Public Policy👩🏼‍💼   Local Governance+2 more
Developed the Emirate’s volunteering strategy using human-centered methods to define the volunteering vision, framework, and policy.

Innovation, Strategy & Design Thinking Workshops

🤗   Inclusion & Accessibility👩🏼‍💼   Local Governance⚖️   Public Policy+2 more
Delivered 100s of engagement events on understanding needs, problem definition, ideation, and solution building across a range of industries and challenge areas, such as ”future of” workshops, business model innovation, government service hackathons, design thinking training, social innovation etc.

Future Livability Model and Citizen of the Future

👩🏼‍💼   Local GovernanceVision EnablerAgility Accelerator
Led a team to develop a model for livability unique to NEOM, KSA and the region informed by deep analysis of local needs, global indices and future foresight, underpinned by a dynamic digital platform

National Parent Wellbeing Program in the Private Sector

🧒🏼   Children's Rights👩🏼‍💼   Local Governance⚖️   Public Policy+1 more
Led, designed and implemented a program to define culturally appropriate working parent wellbeing including increased parental leaves

Wellbeing Strategy

👩🏼‍💼   Local Governance⚖️   Public Policy❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-being+1 more
Developed of the Abu Dhabi wellbeing strategy to combat local social challenges and improve wellbeing outcomes for families, youth, and Senior Citizens, underpinned by a deep understanding of the needs of the local populations, wellbeing measurement model, policy monitoring framework, and system-wide governance model

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