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Matthias Oschinski

Founder and CEO, Belongnomcis
Information And Communications Technology Council (ICTC)Future Skills Centre (FSC)Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)Yellowhead Institute
Matthias Oschinski
Belongnomics collaborates with academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private sector partners determined to foster inclusive growth, well-being and sustainability.


Socio-economic Analyses

Quantitative and qualitative socio-economic analyses on 1) The impact of disruptive technologies on labour markets and economies 2) Inequality 3) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4) The Gig Economy 5) Wellbeing

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Quality of work of Canada’s contingent workforce
Consulting & Advising
Future Skills Centre

Quality of work of Canada’s contingent workforce

Future of Work
To examine further the nature of gig work in Canada and understand the quality of work associated with this type of employment, in 2022 we undertook research into and conducted a national survey of 1,000 gig workers across Canada.

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Why so? — I think that we need to work for a world where everyone has equal opportunities for a free and self-determined life. Income inequality is one crucial barrier that stands in the way of achieving this goal.