Mariana Prieto

Conservation Design Director


ex-International Rescue Committee,  

ex-TED Resident 

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Mariana Prieto

Design is a powerful tool that can amplify impact for people and nature, yet it is still underused to address biodiversity challenges. My career is dedicated to crafting practical models to translate what we've learned from years of refining design methodologies into effective solutions for global environmental goals.

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Impact Design
User Experience Design (UX)
Rapid Prototyping
Creative Consulting
Workshop Design
Service Design
Strategy & Business Design
Mariana Prieto

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The world’s population is growing and conservation efforts strive to increase wildlife populations, yet our land mass remains the same. As nations grow and require more land for settlements, livestock and agriculture, humans and animals are inevitably forced closer together. This is one example of how design is a powerful, yet underused tool, to preserve global biodiversity by supporting the coexistence of humanity and the wild.


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Design in wildlife conservation
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Design in wildlife conservation

🌱Climate Change
❤️‍🩹Good Health & Well-being
Behavioral Insights
Creative Strategy
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From TED: Mariana Prieto uses design thinking to explore how communities can better engage with the wildlife around them. In this effervescent talk, she gives examples of what creating strategy for conservation looks like and how the impact can surprise us all.
Business design for elephant conservation

Business design for elephant conservation

🌱Climate Change
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Bringing business, local entrepreneurship and conservation together to protect the African Elephant. In partnership with WildAid. www.designforwildlife.com/elephants