Luis Barbosa

Chief Transformation Officer + EU Jury of Innovation Council

ex-Volkswageb AG - New models and facilift programs ,  

ex-ORANGE Telecom - M&A with France Telecom - Brightfuture Program ,  

ex-Nike - Digital Tramsformation and Strategic Sourcing Program ,  

ex-adidas AG - Digital Transformation and Innovation  

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Luis Barbosa

As leader to creativity I frequently get myself in a challenging stage where finding insights and ideas from unrelated fields, chance encounters and the unexpected are key. I am often comfortable with contradicting insights, paradoxes, conflicting needs, and unexpected ambiguity. I see life as a journey where opportunities for learning and development are always present.

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Business Strategy
System Thinking
Innovation Strategy
Digital Transformation
Design Strategy
Strategy & Business Design
Engineering & Science
Learning & Organization Design
Luis Barbosa

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

With several years acting from Asia in the deep roots of fashion supply chain ecosystem I clearly understand the challenges of sustainable fashion where sustainability is not only related to the environmental issues. It is mainly related to social equity and economic development. However, the main challenge of sustainability is still strongly correlated with the preservation of a communal environment for future generations. The real ESG in place.


Board Advisor and Consulting Partner

Holistic advise with execution guidance on fundamental management challenges by sharing world business experiences from multisectors performance .

Advanced Analytics Consulting
Brand Innovation
Content Strategy
Impact Accelerator
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Luis Barbosa

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Luis in action

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Buthan leadership program - leadership to Industry 4.0
Consulting & Advising
KIngdom of Bhutan

Buthan leadership program - leadership to Industry 4.0

🗣️Learning Ecosystems
🏕️Sustainable Cities
📚Access to Quality Education
Business Innovation
Business Transformation
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leadership program through Industry 4.0 given to civil special forces in Kingdom of Buthan
European Comission Expert evaluator to shortlisted Innovative SME´s
Expert Talks
European Comission - Innovation Council

European Comission Expert evaluator to shortlisted Innovative SME´s

☀️Affordable and Clean Energy
🌾Regenerative Agriculture
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Evaluation of shortlisted projects eligible to funding ( grant and equity ) from European Comissionwith responsibiity in digital (AI, blockchain and quantum), green energy, e-mobility, space technology and agritech. Advise on design, implementation and evaluation of EU programmes to Innovation.