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ex-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

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Lisa Baird

Whole-brain thinker and wicked business model designer. Believer in the Oxford comma. Excel savant. Sartorial dabbler. I am passionate about designing beautiful systems that work for people. I like combining studied observation, high-yield language, and visual "aha" to bring order out of chaos and make life easier. I can't explain my circuitous path except to say it has been driven by curiosity.

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Brand Strategy
Business Design
Creative Consulting
Systems Design
Service Design
Strategy & Business Design
Service Design
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Lisa Baird

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As long as there is economic injustice, there are people who are not free.


People hire me to synthesize real human need, reframe complexity, map it visually, put it into beautiful prose, then perform it on stage.

I do design strategy, corporate strategy, brand strategy, deep research both primary and secondary, insights development, information architecture, systems design, writing, editing, and any number of other design and design-adjacent things. I love this field and practice and will never leave it. I've been told that I have an ability to leave powerful rooms breathless with clarity, coherence, and minimal lingering resistance. I make the truth feel rigorous, immersive, and inevitable.

Possible & Plausible
System Design
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Relationship Building
Vision Enabler
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Lisa Baird

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Lisa in action

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Toward Economic Justice Research Study
American Carbon Registry

Toward Economic Justice Research Study

📚Access to Quality Education
💰Income Inequality
👨🏿‍🦱Racial Justice
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded a deep study to answer a burning question. They saw that an emerging class of job-preparation schemes in the U.S. called “dual-customer training programs” showed promise but had largely failed to scale. I was the lead author on a massive qual/quant research study / book-a-zine that endeavored to answer why. I ran the equity-centered community design program; conducted multi-round qualitative research interviews personally; did the writing itself (in partnership with a developmental + copy editor); and creative-directed the visual artifact (in partnership with an art director).
American Carbon Registry Rebrand
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

American Carbon Registry Rebrand

💧Clean Water and Irrigation
🌱Climate Change
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American Carbon Registry, a subsidiary of Winrock, was the first private voluntary greenhouse-gas registry in the world, issuing carbon offsets according to a rigorous standard and registering them. But what to do when your name is "carbon registry" but you want to get into the climate-finance space (which may not have anything to do with carbon)? It was time for a brand think, and they hired me for two consecutive scopes: (1) brand strategy scope including renaming, which I conducted solo, followed by: (2) verbal and visual brand identity scope, which I conducted with my favorite sub, visual designer Leah Koransky (the same art director whom I subbed on 'Toward Economic Justice' for Gates Foundation). ACR has not yet implemented the rebrand online but has indicated they still intend to. I'm thinking about doing it for them for free....
Cultural Constitution for St. Jude
U.S. Department of Education

Cultural Constitution for St. Jude

⚕️Public Health
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis asked me to use language to help their deeply wounded organization heal and rebuild trust. Through a series of ‘ideology’ workshops, I crafted a ‘Cultural Constitution,’ which served as a touchstone in a department-wide retreat where norms were officially re-set. I orally presented and delivered beautifully printed and bound copies for the 75-person group, twice in one day.

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It's time unscaled ideas with the potential to change the world met unscaled creative talent with the potential to do the same. The capitalist political economy has kept these star-crossed lovers apart for too long.

Lisa Baird
Lisa Baird
Design strategy clairvoyant.