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Lindsey Mosby

Strategic Leader, Researcher, Complexity Wrangler, Healthcare focus.
ex-frog Design, ex-Philips, ex-SYP, ex-Sapient
CVS Home HealthAustin Housing Authority and UT Austin Dell MedPfizer Consumer HealthPhilips
Lindsey Mosby
I believe in making things happen. I believe progress is born of open collaboration, relentless advocacy, and a desire to bring useful, valuable things – both real and virtual – to those who want and need them. Think big. be brave. be available. be kind. be open. act accordingly. rise to the challenge. work hard. laugh loud. listen well. cultivate hope. believe that it all matters. make it great.


Futurecasting, Innovation Strategy and Organizational Development

Partner to organizations large and small exploring and activating their "next next," be that strategic planning, product and service innovation or human-centered, cultural evolution.

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Pfizer Consumer Health
Pfizer Consumer Health

Pfizer Consumer Health

❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-being🙋🏼‍♂️   Digital WellbeingBusiness Innovation+4 more
The Design Collaborative was a partnership between frog and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare that drew on Pfizer’s internal Marketing and Commercialization expertise and frog’s Venture Design and Strategy approaches to envision, concept, and deliver new products and services outside their core business.
Public Housing Innovation - UT, Dell Med, and Austin Housing Authority
Consulting & Advising
University of Texas, Dell Medical Institute and City of Austin Housing Authority

Public Housing Innovation - UT, Dell Med, and Austin Housing Authority

❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-being⚕️   Public Health🏕️   Sustainable Cities+5 more
One of the first federal public housing developments constructed under the 1937 Housing Act, Chalmers Court desperately needed reimagining. UT's Design Institute for Health worked with residents to learn about their lives and their health and wellness challenges, to design a new health ecosystem.

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Why so? — Access to quality, affordable, human-centered care - for EVERYONE - is one of 3 fundamental keys to healthy, happy and productive citizens and a sustainable, well-functioning community. #healthywealthywise

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