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Karn Malhotra

Founder - ThisIsCreativeAI - Ai Powered Branding, Marketing, Research
ex-Neol, ex-Talent500, ex-Outlined, ex-Exit Design
Karn Malhotra
"How does Ai impact design & marketing?" In this age of Ai, its about creating a virtuous loop between the data/tools, behaviour change and business metrics. I help marketing teams at companies rethink their workflows and ROI leveraging Ai. As also startups through Ai powered Brand Creation / Marketing Stacks / Research - through 3 day+ workshops & sprints or as a 3-6 month long Fractional Ai Lead

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.
Why so? — I believe, centering into the physical world is increasingly important, the more we lean into a digital one. And so drawing parallels between natural and social ecosystems that have guided us to form deep human connections and yet-to-be formulated digital ones that appear anew every 18 months - striking the balance of learnings is important for ongoing digital wellbeing.


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The existing design ecosystem (agency, education, freelancer +) is crumbling under the weight of polarizing opinions. Add to it the latest existential debate around GenAi. Neol hits pause on this debate. Bringing together the design mavericks of the last 20 years and the next 20 to reimagine and co-create a new, relevant ecosystem that'll evolve as the world does. Delivering value that benefits the many without being controlled by the few.
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