Hsing Wei

UX & Product Designer, Creative Technologist, Strategist, Facilitator

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Hsing Wei

I help bring ideas into reality (with a dash of playful energy). My process starts with curiosity, inquiry and listening. It continues with collaboration, hands-on making, learning and iteration. My practice blends the physical and digital. I’m focused on supporting the development of humane technologies and impactful experiences that solve meaty challenges, nurture communities, and create joy.

Hsing’s expertise

Explore Hsing's key skills, specialized expertise, and industry preferences below.

Design Strategy
User Experience Design (UX)
UX/UI Prototyping
Design Research
Software Development
Strategy & Business Design
Hsing Wei

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Areas I'm passionate about

As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.


Fractional Head of UX Research & Product Design Strategy

Supporting companies of all sizes as a hands-on strategic design leader and thought partner. Experienced in helping teams understand users & opportunities, improve existing offerings, design new products and services, and move from 0 to 1.

Concept Development
Product Design
Consumer & Market Research
Design Sprints
Emerging Platforms & Technologies
Hsing Wei

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