Hermann Ruiz — PhD

Strategic and Service Design Leader — Humanity-Centred Design


ex-City of Melbourne,  

ex-Boston Consulting Group — BCG,  

ex-Save the Children 

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Hermann Ruiz — PhD

I am an award-winning strategic and service design leader delivering at the intersection between humanity-centric value and business sustainability. With a background in anthropology and philosophy, my practice expands to business strategy, strategic foresight and systems thinking.

Hermann’s expertise

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Business Strategy
Critical Thinking
Design Research
System Thinking
Digital Consulting
Strategy & Business Design
Service Design
Social Sciences
Industry experience
Non-Governmental Organization
Hermann Ruiz — PhD

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Although rarely framed in Human Rights language, government services can, and often do, deliver on them. Let's be more purposeful in designing government services that serve human rights!


Strategic Design

I help teams identify, align on and deliver value for business, customers and stakeholders using a design process focusing on business strategy, multidisciplinary research, systems design, strategic foresight, implementation roadmapping

Hermann Ruiz — PhD

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Hermann in action

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The Future of Public Transport Ticketing
Consulting & Advising
Transpor for NSW

The Future of Public Transport Ticketing

👨🏼‍🦼Transportation and Mobility
💾Digital Rights and Data Privacy
🤗 Inclusion & Accessibility
My team developed a Transport Resilience Framework and a strategic design toolkit to guide Transport for NSW in delivering a ticketing service experience that empowers customers to use public transport by helping them adapt to continuous changes in the system.