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Gabriela Néspoli

Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator | Founder of Florens.design
ex-The Lemann Foundation
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Gabriela Néspoli
I am driven to help adults and youth to reach their highest potential, learning their way to a more fulfilling, joyful, and healthy life. Leading communities and organizations to develop the skills they need to flourish and to deliver transformational products and experiences is my ultimate commitment.


Learning & Communities of Practice Design

Supporting organizations in researching, designing and implementing effective strategies to foster learning and engagement of adults and youth through multiple-sized initiatives - from large-scale policies to time-boxed workshops.

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The Lemann Foundation


📚   Access to Quality EducationDesign ThinkingDesign Research+3 more
Led a team of +10 to ideate, design, implement and tell the story of impulsiONar, a country-wide program focused on developing K-12 educators and entrepreneurs to co-create resources that accelerate equitable learning. Deliverables included the program strategy, funding, team, and storytelling.
Leadership Program
Consulting & Advising

Leadership Program

📚   Access to Quality EducationLearning DesignLearning Experiences+3 more
Leading the design of a university program to foster collaboration, communication and global citizenship skills. Deliverables include leading the conceptualization of a good curriculum, conducting need-finding interviews, and designing learning goals, assessments, and experiences.
The New Look of Learning
Expert Talks

The New Look of Learning

📚   Access to Quality EducationInnovationPlatforms For Learning+3 more
Discussed the new look of learning in K-12 schools, how AI and other technologies can be used to promote meaningful learning, and other topics related to innovative education over a panel at the Quizlet Unconference.
Design in The Climate Era

Design in The Climate Era

🗣️   Learning Ecosystems🌱   Climate ChangeExperience Design+2 more
Supported Neol in the design of Design in The Climate Era, an event to coalesce a network of creatives to mitigate climate change. Deliverables included designing an activity to map out mindsets and capabilities needed to tackle climate challenges.
Creative Sparks with Paul Bennet

Creative Sparks with Paul Bennet

❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-being🗣️   Learning EcosystemsExperience Design+2 more
Co-ideated Creative Sparks, an online gathering of influential creative leaders to explore the role of creativity concerning positive change, with Neol and Paul Bennet. Deliverables included creating an inspiration board and designing the experience's first learning arch.

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.
Why so? — Leading communities to the development of the knowledge and skills they need to flourish - especially historically marginalized educators and students - is my most significant contribution to a more socially just world.


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