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Fanny Eliaers

Holistic Sustainability Advisor: Guiding organizations in harmonizing their Environmental and Social initiatives / Circular Design Strategist / MIT Candidate
ex-Sid Lee, ex-Dentsu, ex-Havas
Fanny Eliaers
“All we have is now”: The past has passed. What is done is done. You cannot go back and undo it, or redo it. All you can do is take a new action and move on toward a better future.


For 6 year at Sid Lee, I worked with the most innovative brands in the world, advising them on innovation and sustainability.

I listen, act as a translator and simplify what is complex, build bridges, make links, and help leaders navigate their transition towards more sustainable business practices.

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For Tomorrow
Consulting & Advising
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

For Tomorrow

☀️   Affordable and Clean Energy🚨   Air Pollution👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   Asylum & Refugees+5 more
HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY AND THE UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME JOIN FORCES An initiative that celebrates bottom-up innovation for Tomorrow combines Hyundai’s resources and technological expertise and the diverse know-how and global reach of the United Nations Development Programme in a commitment to connecting the local innovators creating solutions for a more sustainable future and advancing these solutions to reach the ambitious goals set ... + more
Great Places For Life - WSP
Consulting & Advising

Great Places For Life - WSP

🚨   Air Pollution💧   Clean Water and Irrigation🌱   Climate Change+1 more
We developed a new design and planning service offering for WSP oriented toward building healthy communities.

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Why so? — The circular economy is a resilient system, good for business, people, and the environment.

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Current systems are unfit for the 21st-century economy. It is an opportunity to create new ways. Together.
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