Erin Eisinger

Strategist, Designer & UX Researcher; Design Educator

ex-Siegel & Gale,  


ex-Carpenter Group,  

ex-Northeastern University 

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Erin Eisinger

I use my blend of skills to make websites, products, and services work better, for both users and organizations. I help companies understand where they want/need to be tomorrow, and how to get there. I love it when we land on novel yet practical solutions, and I’m passionate about the space between a great concept and real-life execution.

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User Experience Design (UX)
Design Research
Content Strategy
Innovation Strategy
Digital Consulting
Project Management
Industry experience
Financial Services
Consumer Electronics
Erin Eisinger

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

Not only are women's rights human rights, and thus a moral imperative, but they are an untapped engine for innovation, economic growth, and social stability. Only in the last 50 years, and to a limited degree, have women been gaining a more equal foothold — and in that short time, the results have been phenomenal. Imagine a future where more women are engaged and empowered! In practical terms, I led a team that won the Avon Foundation for Women's Global App Challenge to End Domestic Violence (without making anything resembling an app, for good reason) and partnered with Johnson & Johnson to develop a human-centered design toolkit for midwives in the global south. As a person, I'm a card-carrying feminist and the mother of a 6yo.


Website Strategy Workshop & Design Brief

I invite stakeholders to a high-touch, virtual workshop that cuts down the time & resources to produce a new website. After co-creating a vision & definition of success, I produce a brief to guides creative teams to move fast & effectively.

Digital Design
Erin Eisinger

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Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger
Strategist, Designer & UX Researcher; Design Educator