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Elisabeth Graf

Strategic Design for Climate Resilience | Founder of IMMA Collective
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Elisabeth Graf
As an independent global consultant with 10+ years designing prevention and digital services, I transform risks into opportunities. I work as a bridge between ideas and action - helping individuals and companies to build financially resilient and adaptive businesses that withstand the climate shocks of our current planetary crisis.


Strategic Design for Climate Resilience

Transform climate risks into opportunities. Go beyond business continuity and explore the cascading effects of climate change on your business and how to adapt your service offerings to thrive in a disruption-prone world.

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Designing for financial resilience
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Designing for financial resilience

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By integrating market, consumer, and business insights, we crafted a new value proposition to bolster people's financial resilience against shocks like extreme weather events, layoffs etc. Leveraging behavioural insights, we designed a unique and appealing solution.

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Why so? — It's the defining challenge of our era, affecting everyone and everything we care about. The topic can be scary and overwhelming, leading many to avoid thinking about it. In fact, only 33% of CEOs even consider climate risks. We may not be able to avoid all the impacts of climate change, but we can certainly design better ways to prepare for them—and that's what I'm passionate about.

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