Dean Kakridas

Executive Producer + Advisor + Catalyst

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Dean Kakridas

I think business and speak design to help good people do good for the world. My sweet spot is helping companies of all sizes achieve the best possible business outcomes by combining their mission, organizational & market goals, unique opportunities to better serve their customers, and constraints with the right creative and engineering minds to deliver an extraordinary solution.

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Business Design
Business Development
Coaching & Mentoring
Creative Consulting
Sales & Marketing
Project Management
Strategy & Business Design
Dean Kakridas

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

Most productive and vibrant lives are built on the back of a mental & physical health and wellbeing. Helping people achieve that has an outsized impact on their lives as well as their families'.


Design & Product Innovation Advisor

Defining and designing winning products and services for companies of all sizes. I advise CDOs, CPOs, and other executive leaders and help them surpass goals by optimizing their decisions, strategies, and resources.

Business Design
Product Innovation
Product Design
Dean Kakridas

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Dean in action

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Executive Production of a new product category

Executive Production of a new product category

♻️Circular Economy
🍇Sustainable Food Systems
Product Design
Design Management
Emerging Platforms & Technologies
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Prototyping the world's first smart, reusable beer bottle

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Neol is the new global HQ for bold innovators and change makers to meet their creative spirit animals. This is the future of strategic-creative alchemy and outcome optimization for the world's most pressing challenges.

Dean Kakridas
Dean Kakridas
Executive Producer + Advisor + Catalyst