David Fu

Product Leader, Growth/GTM Leader, Founder


ex-African Leadership Group,  

ex-Streetlight Schools,  

ex-4.0 Schools 

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David Fu

✨📈 I help creative leaders assess and improve growth/go-to-market, product, strategy and business model in alignment with my northstar of building and scaling transformative products, experiences, teams, organizations and brands. 🦋🧧

David’s expertise

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Product Strategy
Growth Marketing
Team Leadership
Learning Design
Service Design
Product Management
Strategy & Business Design
Learning & Organization Design
David Fu

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

My north star that I've been obsessed with is to take on challenges to empower myself and empower others; I aim to do so by building and scaling transformative experiences, products, teams, organizations and brands. This has taken me on a journey across the US, to South Africa, to a vipassana retreat (wisdom new and old) and of self-discovery, reflection, reinvention and rebirth.


Growth/GTM Consulting

Build the foundations for go-to-market and growth for your product in an empowered and cross functional way, integrating and aligning across across product, sales & marketing, data, deign & creative, engineering finance/business model.

Product Innovation
Digital Marketing
Launch Strategy
Lead Generation Strategies
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David Fu

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David in action

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Scaling A Workforce Development Initiative Across Africa
African Leadership Group

Scaling A Workforce Development Initiative Across Africa

🗣️Learning Ecosystems
📚Access to Quality Education
Product Innovation
Future of Work
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Helped the African Leadership Group scale an online software engineering bootcamp, growing from 100 student cohorts every 6 months to 1,000 student cohorts every 2 months across 25 countries while increasing activation from 65% → 95% and retention from 25% → 50%