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Chris Grantham

Circular Economy & Regenerative Innovation Strategist
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Chris Grantham
I thrive on guiding teams and organizations through evolving paradigms. Over the past decade, my focus has been on refining innovators' intuitions and instincts for regeneration and shared value creation. I find joy in witnessing people discover new connections and envision novel possibilities for their personal and organizational growth in the climate era.


Regenerative Innovation Strategy and Capacity Building advisory for innovative team building, business solutions, organisations and new ventures.

Engaging with leaders, facilitating immersive workshops and crafting strategic opportunity narratives that help businesses to innovate, grow sustainably and address the organisational barriers to doing so. Superpowers around applying living system principles, playing/building to think, developing new leadership mindsets and behaviours and regenerative economics.

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Driving a circular design movement

Driving a circular design movement

♻️   Circular EconomyCapability BuilderChange Catalyser
Collaborating with the Circular Design Leaders Group at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the initiative facilitated 'learning by doing' design sprints with corporate partners. Focusing on innovating organizational systems and capacity building, the effort expanded design processes, tools, and mindsets needed for a successful transition to a circular and regenerative model, addressing the 'linear (economy) lock-in' challenge. Contributions were als... + more
Designing and facilitating The Sustainability Leadership Laboratories at The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Designing and facilitating The Sustainability Leadership Laboratories at The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

♻️   Circular Economy🏕️   Sustainable Cities
We devised a design sprint to take participants through a process of imagining themselves and their organisations fully participating in a circular and regenerative economy. We created experiences that immersed participants in living system principles and helped them build models of new business ecosystems and new organisational conditions in order to develop their regenerative innovation muscles.

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Why so? — The circular economy could account for approx 50% mitigation in GHGs

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I believe in Neol because the talent and business models needed to create impactful system change aren't found in the mainstream.
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