Anna Velykoivanenko

Employer Brand Director




ex-Pernod Ricard 

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Anna Velykoivanenko

Know how to make brands cool, fun, and desirable. Employer branding is B2C marketing with extra ethics involved. Know how to translate your culture into all things brand marketing and creative. Talent market research, strategy, value proposition, planning. Geek to the core, a proud nerd, an eloquent debater, a team player in computer games, a healer in Dungeons & Dragons, and an avid opera fan.

Anna’s expertise

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Community Strategy
Communications Strategy
Employee Experience
Talent / HR
Communication Design
Community Management & Programming
Industry experience
Beauty & Cosmetics
Communications & Marketing
Consumer Goods /Retail
Anna Velykoivanenko

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Areas I'm passionate about

As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.


Employer Value Proposition

Let`s use the power of research to highlight your culture and make it appealing to the talent.

Brand Management
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Branding & Identity
Brand Design
Anna Velykoivanenko

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I believe in Neol

A member of the Neol Creative Leaders community

I believe that people deserve the best workplaces in mankind's history. People are the most valued asset of any business. Culture drives intrinsic motivation and inspires us to do the impossible. The ability to advertise your culture will define the talent you can hire and retain. This talent will make your business thrive or fade. Let`s create our tribes and roam the mountains of business success together.

Anna Velykoivanenko
Anna Velykoivanenko
Employer Brand Director