Antonio Marcato

Creative Director, Emerging Platforms

ex-Meta, CP+B, GS&P 

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Antonio Marcato

I'm a Brazilian-American Creative Director based in Los Angeles. In my work, I derive great joy and gratification from all forms of Creativity and from Mindfulness facilitation. I believe moving forward means coming Home, to that which we already are.

Antonio’s expertise

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Visual Communication Design
Arts & Culture
Learning & Organization Design
Architectural & Spatial Design
Antonio Marcato

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

I'm a Mindfulness facilitator with 10+ years of practice and 4+ years of corporate guidance


Creative Advisor

I help shape company's stories holistically, functioning as a creative soundboard. I connect the 30,000 industry-wide view to the nitty-gritty executional details.

Creative Storytelling
Creative Strategy
Spatial Strategy
Integrated Campaigns
Antonio Marcato

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Antonio in action

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Circle of Breath
Meta - Horizon Worlds

Circle of Breath

🙋🏼‍♂️Digital Wellbeing
Emerging Platforms & Technologies
Spatial Strategy
Creative Storytelling
A spatial environment of digital co-presence, designed to help people gather, unwind & meditate