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Ana Salles

Creative Strategist | Content Director | Social Media Specialist
ex-Meta, ex-BUCK
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Ana Salles
I am a multi-faced creative driven by my passion for using storytelling and creativity as a force for positive change.


Consulting services to both large businesses and individuals.

Collaboratively helping clients build their brands, find their voices and tell their stories across channels.

Ana in action

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Instagram for Business - Social Strategy & Content Development

Instagram for Business - Social Strategy & Content Development

🤗   Inclusion & Accessibility🏳️‍🌈   LGBTQ+ Rights👨🏿‍🦱   Racial Justice+8 more
As a Senior Content Strategist at Instagram for Business, I played a crucial role in the rebranding of IGB's social channels. I also implemented a new always-on content strategy to support small and medium businesses affected by the COVID pandemic in 2020. Additionally, I spearheaded the successful launch and amplification of impactful global campaigns, such as Buy Black Friday and togetHER, to promote diverse voices across social media.
Facebook for Business - Social Strategy & Content Development

Facebook for Business - Social Strategy & Content Development

🤗   Inclusion & AccessibilitySocial Media MarketingContent Marketing+3 more
In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, and small-medium businesses (SMBs) were particularly impacted, having to shift to online operations entirely. Facebook for Business recognized the challenge and sought to support SMBs in their transition to the digital space. As a Senior Content Strategist, I developed a content strategy for Facebook for Business' social channels, focusing on providing resources to SMBs impacted by the pandemi... + more
Xfinity Winter Olympics 2022

Xfinity Winter Olympics 2022

🤗   Inclusion & AccessibilityIntegrated CampaignsCreative Strategy+1 more
As Senior Strategist at Good Kid, Comcast's in-house agency, I led the strategy for the successful Xfinity Winter Olympics 2022 campaign that attracted new customers through an exciting narrative highlighting Xfinity's offerings. The multi-channel campaign surpassed all benchmarks and strengthened the brand's connection with the audience.
Alba Botanica x Refinery 29: Do Good, do Beautiful

Alba Botanica x Refinery 29: Do Good, do Beautiful

🐶   Animal Welfare🌱   Climate Change💪🏻   Gender Inequality+6 more
Collaborating with Creative Media Marketing, I played a pivotal role in the digital and social strategy for Alba Botanica's impactful campaign, 'Do Good. Do Beautiful', in partnership with Refinery 29. We aimed to amplify Alba Botanica's grant program, targeting a younger demographic and focusing on sustainability, eco-consciousness, animal welfare, women's empowerment, and education. Through a media partnership with Refinery 29, we engaged with ... + more

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Why so? — Circular economy creates a closed-loop system where materials and resources are continually reused, recycled, and regenerated. This reduces the dependence on finite resources, lowers the carbon footprint, and promotes sustainable production and consumption. By transitioning to a circular economy, we can create a more resilient and sustainable future for all.


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