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Ame Elliott

Senior Fellow at Superbloom, Designer & Creative Technologist
ex-IDEO, ex-Xerox PARC
Ame Elliott
I’m a professional question-asker who thrives on complex socio-technical challenges. A lover of cities, I believe architecture and urban design teach how to think about problems at different scales. An Internet of Things pioneer, I’ve been an inventor, researcher, and critic, but am most satisfied by bringing together stakeholders with different backgrounds to co-design. I’ve designed everything from meeting rooms and innovation processes to industrial control software, always by starting with curiosity about people, in context. Currently working on what comes after data extractivism.


Designing for Trust in an AI World

- How to consider responsible AI principles in a business setting - How to apply design thinking and human-centered design methods to responsible AI system development - How to develop and implement a data strategy

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