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Alper Tengüz

Founder of Learning Architect, Transformation Journey Catalyst, Senior Leadership Team Coach
Alper Tengüz
As Learning Architect I am on a mission to shift leadership practices of creative leaders and teams from “hierarchical” towards “nourishing leadership”. Only vibrant workplaces that channel and unlock the energy of all of us will generate creative solutions to overcome our toughest challenges.

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.
Why so? — I see myself as an educator at heart. As such I am passionate of learning and sharing in the spirit of the Chinese proverb that "teaching is half the learning". Too much of education is based on reproduction of knowledge, an uncritical focus on STEM rather than embracing the virtues of a more well rounded humanities education. My work as a leadership consultant is fundamentally motivated by my purpose to reshape the modern understanding of leadership as one that is transdisciplinary, integrative and transformative in its impact on oneself, others and the world.


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too many organizations are not connected to the creative leaders and solutions that already are emerging in response to the big challenges of our time. Old style consultancies are spreading good practice at best or outdated advice too often. But it is creative leaders connected via Neol that are innovating and scaling the needed emerging practices. If you want to help create the future, Neol is your place to be; I truly believe that!
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