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Alice Katter

Culture & Community Strategist
ex-Dropbox, ex-kyu Collective, ex-Working Not Working
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Alice Katter
I am a curious optimist committed to scaling a culture of well-being by making work, life, and the interplay between the two, more regenerative.


Culture & Community Design: I consult organizations on designing more enlightened and human ways of working and foster a workplace culture and employee experience that nurtures creativity, joy, belonging & well-being.

Guiding companies in the changing nature of work and culture design. Particularly looking at topics like how to catalyze a culture of well-being, bring a spirit of joy and play back into the workplace, design for belonging, and design tools and rituals to empower teams to build their own culture.

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Community Programs and Networks Design

🗣️   Learning Ecosystems🙋🏼‍♂️   Digital WellbeingCommunity-as-a-Service+3 more
I worked with the creative collective and holding company kyu, to design a kyu-wide program called "kin". The goal: foster stronger connections across the collective, enable cross-company sharing & learning and with that, plant the seeds for future collaborations and creative work. By designing a community-curated three-day gathering, by the community, for the community, with co-hosted sessions across companies, individuals got the chance to co... + more
Consulting & Advising
kyu Collective

Future of Work Community of Practice + Signals Report

🗣️   Learning Ecosystems❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-beingDesign Research+2 more
I worked with kyu to design a "Community of Practice" of workplace design practitioners (People teams, HR teams, COS, designers, strategists, behavioral psychologists, and researchers) across kyu. As part of the engagement I conducted research and led the design of a "signals report" on Human Workplace design, sharing practices, burning questions, and learnings from across 12 kyu companies.
Consulting & Advising

Community Programs + Employee Experience Design

🗣️   Learning Ecosystems❤️‍🩹   Good Health & Well-beingDesign Research+2 more
Over the course of 1,5 years, I designed and drove community programs and creative production ideas, to engage the Dropbox Design team of 250 designers, researchers, product managers, etc. across the US to foster a more creative, human, and joyful culture. I re-designed and implemented a Community Strategy for a fully remote team of 250 designers, researchers, and product managers of Dropbox Design, and crafted programs, practitioner toolkits &... + more

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.
Why so? — I believe that we need to create different modalities of work to make work and life more regenerative, and help people thrive inside and outside of the workplace.


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