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Alice Katter

Workplace Connection, Community & Culture for Creative Networks and Companies.

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Community Design
Culture Design
Employee Experience
Organizational Design
Team Building
Community Management & Programming
Learning & Organization Design
Project Management
Social Sciences
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Arts & Culture
Communications & Marketing
Alice Katter

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As creative leaders with a shared commitment to quality, collaboration, and creativity, we're proud to pursue out most meaningful work and deliver the best every time.

What if remote workers became active participants and investors in their neighborhoods for the activities that suited their work and life styles? What if we could invest in places that aren’t currently ideal for co-working and connection?


Culture & Community Design

Alice partners with organizations and networks to design and implement strategies, programs, and initiatives that help people feel more connected, cross-pollinate ideas, amplify employee engagement and strengthen the brand.

Alice Katter

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Community Programs and Networks Design

🗣️Learning Ecosystems
🙋🏼‍♂️Digital Wellbeing
Design Research
System Design
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I worked with the creative collective and holding company kyu, to design a kyu-wide program called "kin". The goal: foster stronger connections across the collective, enable cross-company sharing & learning and with that, plant the seeds for future collaborations and creative work. By designing a community-curated three-day gathering, by the community, for the community, with co-hosted sessions across companies, individuals got the chance to collaborate, build relationships across the collective, learn and experience a "humane, warm and energizing" gathering of the kyu Collective.
Consulting & Advising
kyu Collective

Future of Work Community of Practice + Signals Report

🗣️Learning Ecosystems
❤️‍🩹Good Health & Well-being
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I worked with kyu to design a "Community of Practice" of workplace design practitioners (People teams, HR teams, COS, designers, strategists, behavioral psychologists, and researchers) across kyu. As part of the engagement I conducted research and led the design of a "signals report" on Human Workplace design, sharing practices, burning questions, and learnings from across 12 kyu companies.
Consulting & Advising

Community Programs + Employee Experience Design

🗣️Learning Ecosystems
❤️‍🩹Good Health & Well-being
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Over the course of 1,5 years, I designed and drove community programs and creative production ideas, to engage the Dropbox Design team of 250 designers, researchers, product managers, etc. across the US to foster a more creative, human, and joyful culture. I re-designed and implemented a Community Strategy for a fully remote team of 250 designers, researchers, and product managers of Dropbox Design, and crafted programs, practitioner toolkits & rituals to build a culture that fosters connections, joy, and belonging to help the Design team thrive in a virtual working world. • Lead a community-curated publication to build brand awareness within the Design community, engage the Design team, developed partnerships, and co-designed a set of Culture Kits, free, adaptable toolkits, to empower and equip individuals and teams to shape their own work culture and make work better. • Developed new programs such as the "Dropbox Design Salon" to spark inspiration and engagement, offer learning & development opportunities and break down silos across teams and departments • Developed and sustained partnerships with external communities, artists, and designers • Worked with design leadership to improve team morale, sense of belonging, and cross-functional connections • Worked closely with the L&OD team, and supported them in designing learning content, campaigns, and initiatives and ran the onboarding for new Design hires • Promoted Organizational Well-being - Connected the dots across the org, supporting change management, and team growth, driving work that promotes community building and inclusion.

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I believe in Neol because independent leaders need a better ecosystem for collaboration, learning, and development.

Alice Katter
Alice Katter
Culture & Community Strategist